Geraldine Horan

Hypnotherapist and Naturopath

Diploma of Naturopathy
Post Grad Dip Botanical Medicine
EFT Level 3
Certificate Hypnotherapy
Diploma of Nursing
Cert. IV TAE (Training & Assessment)

Geraldine has over 25 years experience, both as a naturopath and in nursing. She was first introduced to natural healthy living at 15 yo, when her family’s habits completely changed and she has been learning about natural healing ever since.

Geraldine uses a range of therapies for treatment, including individualised Bio-Energetic testing and remedies, to address the mind-body layers of dis-ease, as well as as conventional naturopathic treatment, especially using pathology testing to target treatment to the cause behind disease.
Geraldine has a passionate interest in using Hypnosis & energy therapies For Weight Loss and to Quit Smoking.

She also provides intuitive emotional therapy for pets and has seen their behaviour change markedly.

Geraldine has been the Resident Naturopath for Blackmores Ltd and has lectured to professionals and the public and undertaken radio and television roles while with them. She has also taken on teaching roles in both Naturopathy and Nursing and enjoys people having an understanding of their health issues.

  • Naturopathic treatment including targeted functional pathology analysis.
  • WEIGHT LOSS hypnosis – highly successful international program!
  • Bio Impedance Analysis (VLA), for monitoring in wellness and weight loss.
  • Thyroid and Adrenal Fatigue & Fertility/hormonal management.
  • Bio Dermal Screening and individualised remedies, for comprehensive health analysis.
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), for emotional issues.
  • Quit Cigarettes Now! with hypnosis & energy therapies – a highly successful program, individual for each client’s needs
  • Animal Behaviour healing, with individualised intuitive energy therapies.

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