Jennifer Ulyatt

Relationship Coach & founder of Kefi Coaching & Training

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To book an appointment please call 0434 715 904.

Jennifer is a relationship coach with extensive experience working alongside singles, couples & blended families in the private sector.  Emboldened by her research and personal interest to apprehend and empower long-standing relationships, how clearing past trauma and reviewing expectations helps her clients and their families reconnect with themselves and each other to find their place in the relationship and the world.

Stepping into coaching, Jennifer broadened her training, increasing her awareness of evidence-based therapies.  She comes from a viewpoint that no one is broken, each person can resolve difficulties, improve their communication and cultivate more fulfilling relationships with themselves and others.

She is committed to holding space in a welcoming neutral environment while respecting you as a whole and comes from a place of curiosity, not judgment.  She enjoys and looks forward to the dynamic nature of relationship coaching.

Jennifer’s areas of specialty include:

Interpersonal Challenges (relationships/family/friends)

Parenting & Pre-Parenting difficulties/guidance

Low Self-Esteem & Self-Worth,

Existential Questions (finding purpose in life/exploring life direction)

Study-Related Difficulties (study stress/organisational skills)

Life Transitions & Hypnotherapy