Rosemary Russo

Hypnotherapist / Past Life Regression / Mindfulness

Bachelor of Science Education

Post Graduate Diploma Student Welfare

Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy

Certificate Past Life Regression


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Rosemary is a secondary high school teacher with a Bachelor Degree in Education and Student Welfare. For over 20 years, she has been trained in Hypnotherapy (Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy).  Recently, in New York, she had the great honour of being trained in Past Life Regression by the world known Psychiatrist /Past Life Regression Expert, Dr Brian Weiss MD, author of the best selling book Many Lives, Many Masters. She actively teaches Mindfulness strategies to her current students empowering them to be focused, centred and self-confident in all they do.

Rosemary offers the following services:

Mindfulness for Children/Teens Sessions and Workshops

Mindfulness strategies taught and practiced for any child to help build resilience skills, learn to focus and concentrate, release stress or anxiety, improve learning or build confidence.

Mindfulness for Adults

Practice the art of Mindfulness to help build or create a sense of peace and centeredness. Each session you will learn and practice a new strategy so you learn to become the master of your own ship.

Guided Relaxation Session

If you would simply like to sit back and let go of stress and tension through a relaxation guided session leaving you feeling peaceful, calm and energised.

Past Life / Future Life Travel Journey Sessions and Workshops

If you are curious about Past or Future Lives and would love to go on a journey to access your past or future memories.

 Past Life Regression

A relaxing and healing way to help rid anxiety, depression, phobias, fears, restlessness, bullying, physical or emotional pain, loss of direction or sense of self, relationships. Or wanting to just relax, de-stress, tap into your creativity, connect with spirit, discover your talents or simply just curious about your past or future lives and how they may help you or your child in this life time.

Hypnotherapy for every day issues or just to relax

Hypnotherapy session to help rid any unwanted behaviour or to focus on skills you would like to enhance. Hypnotherapy is a beautiful way to just take time out and relax for an hour while easily allowing yourself the gift to create your empowered version of your-self. First session is 1.5 – 2 hrs and then two, one hour sessions. You will be amazed at the realisation of how effortless it is to achieve a relaxed state of being. Have a go and find out for yourself.