Beach Street Allied Health consists of a team of expert consultants. We have consultants specialising in a wide variety of issues. Below is a brief description on all of our consultants, detailing their experience and areas of specialty.

General Psychology &

Clinical Psychology

Meaghan Morley

Melanie Baptiste

Naomi Newton

Neil Woodger

Counselling Emma Hodges

Denyse McKay

Andrew Reay

Intuitive Counsellor Shirley Nicholls
Hypnotherapy  Matt Kenny

Geraldine Horan

Andrew Reay

Rosemary Russo

Remedial Massage  Mary Mitchell
Relaxation Massage  Kathy Thain
Naturopath  Geraldine Horan
Psychotherapy &

Child Psychotherapy

Paula Blazé

Michele Dykman

Rebecca Thomas

Robert Hewitt

Andrew Reay

Speech Therapy Julie Moss
Pedorthics Carlene Gabriel

Stephen Masters